Selasa, 29 Maret 2011

cold and rainy tuesday night

hello beautiful people,

it's 7:28 pm,
just like usual i sit on the floor in font of my green desk and my acer laptop,
it's cold and rainy,
like it's not bad enough, i just broke up and of course it hurt me, A LOT 
so now i'm trying to do something and pretending that everything's okay (ya that's SAD)
since i have no ideas what should i do with this connection, i ended up with YouTube and blog-walking
i don't know why, but i really enjoy read a daily diary blog that contains the blogger's story and blablabla just like read a real novel or what, (and i feel weird remember that's like ALL of girls in this earth love to read fashion blog), ah back to blog-walking things, i always adore Senna's blog
she could arrange words into a great poem, not kind of cheap and  lame poem, but a classy, mature and.... yah if you know what i mean..
and i just captured one of her poem,

which is so-me right now :'(

God, please give me strength,
i still love him :'(